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About us

Chandler Investment Consultancies Ltd was established in 2004 by a team of experienced financial professionals seeking to deliver tailor-made strategies to its high-end financial clientele. Initially set up in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the company relocated its offices to Dubai in 2008. Chandler is based in the United Arab Emirates where it is approved and registered as an Investment Consultancy, R.A.K License 6000802.

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What we do

Chandler Investment Consultancies Ltd has two main focus areas:

  • to develop and manage a portfolio of private equity investments.
  • to advise EFG Bank Monaco and Switzerland on the administration of four Managed Certificates traded on the Zurich stock exchange.

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Our funds

Our funds are well-diversified across the globe which enables you to invest internationally. Chandler offers four investment funds ranging from Growth portfolios, Crypto Opportunities, Balanced AMC portfolios to Global Yuan portfolios. If you have any questions, contact us and we will happily assist you.





Our Private Equity investments

Chandler has been actively investing in private companies since 2005. Its portfolio is well-diversified, covering a large geographical as well as sectorial spectrum ranging from Medtech in Switzerland, to Cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom and France, via technology companies in the Middle East and financial companies in China.

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Our regulated scope of activities

In the UAE, the marketing of financial products and services is regulated by the UAE Central Bank under Federal Law No. 10 of 1980 (the Central Bank Law and related banking resolutions). Enforcement of Central Bank policy, however, is often undertaken by the local licensing authorities in the various Emirates.

A company licensed as an investment consultant may advise and assist clients in pursuing various investment strategies. Consultants may assist in the transfer of the client’s funds. Consultants are not mandated to provide credit facilities for clients but may assist them in opening accounts with brokers and banks.

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